Poker odds aa vs qq

Zahrali by ste stejne nebo jinak? Je shove pred flopem ok, nebo by byl lepsi call ? Tenhle min raise vetsinou znamena bud strasne slabou ...

AA vs. 2 soupeři : Obecná diskuze o MTT turnajích Handa z jednoho menšího turnaje na PP, do kterého jsou přidány added money od nejmenovaného serveru Bohužel se neukládá HH tak se to pokusím vypsat ... QQ vs reg : Multi-table turnaje (MTT) poradna partypoker - 5000/10000 NL - Holdem - 8 players SB: 15.15 BB (VPIP: 18.18, PFR: 19.35, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 33) BB: 25.69 BB (VPIP: ... PF 4bet call 5bet shove QQ vs SB : 6-max cash game poradna

81% of the time AA will win and 18% of the time QQ will lose which means that AA is a heavy favorite in this spot but will still lose a small percentage. We can then compared that on a random flop and turn and see how the equity changes: ON a KhJh7c board QQ has almost 11% equity vs AA meaning that AA is an ever stronger favorite now:

Zahrali by ste stejne nebo jinak? Je shove pred flopem ok, nebo by byl lepsi call ? Tenhle min raise vetsinou znamena bud strasne slabou ... $5 1R1A, KQo IP vs open, 25bb effective : Multi-table turnaje Poker Stars No Limit Hold'em Tournament - 400/800 Blinds - 9 players - UTG+2: 39413 MP1: 32582 MP2: 18554 CO: t8876 Hero (BTN): 20281 SB: ... AA vs. T9, board 999 3 A : 6-max cash game poradna Jakuba docela me zajma,jestli jsem to zahral dobre,,, na riveru jsem ho chtel vyzdimat,protoze moe poznamky byly,ze na sparovanejch boardech floatuje Ax .. na turnu check ... NL5 FF, AA vs flop JJ : 6-max cash game poradna Jakuba Hovorky

This article should give you some background information on odds and probability for the poker hands AA vs AK. Odds and probability of AA vs AK happening. At a ten handed table you will be dealt suited ace-king once in every 332 hands, ace-king offsuit once in every 111 hands and ace-king of any sort once every 83 hands or so.

CardFight AA versus 72o - Preflop Poker Statistics Winning Breakdown for 72o: High Card 0 One Pair 0 Two Pair 4,755,240 Three of a Kind 3,235,104 Straight 2,976,480 Flush Learn the most important poker odds - My Poker Coaching

So, the point here is to show that you aren't just getting a 1:1 call for your chips if you go up against your opponent here. Because the big blind (you) and small blinds have contributed to the pot, this is regarded as dead money and helps your pot odds (if not by much) should you decide to call.

Poker Math - Odds & OutsTRIAL Flashcards | Quizlet What is the equity for each hand in heads-up overpair (AA) vs underpair (QQ) when the flop is Th 9h Jh? Should I Fold QQ, KK, Or AK Preflop? | SplitSuit Poker Understanding both parts of it, the reactive, which is usually going to be a little bit more mathy, and the proactive, as far as thinking about ranges and the way those ranges are going to contort given your actions, if you understand both of those, you’re going to have a huge leg up in these situations and you’re going to understand when it’s good versus when maybe it’s not so good ...

Villain 18/17 Preflop: klasický open, zkousím pokročilý sizing vsude 3BB i na BTN. Dostávám call od tight nita. FLOP:dostávám check raise, myslím že má v ...

AA vs QQ8 board, 3way : Alkáčova 9/10-max SNG poradna

What are the odds in Texas holdem of AA vs 2 random cards ... According to, AA is expected to win a showdown against a heads up opponent 85% of the time.Using a binomial distribution with these assumptions, the outcomes for playing Aces heads up are below. Keep in mind these odds underestimate the odds of AA winning because most hands will not be shown down.